Mass of Tharsis

by Mass of Tharsis

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Eric Smith, Bruce Fitzgerald, Tom Fuller


released March 13, 2013

Recorded by Justin Gonyea



all rights reserved


Mass of Tharsis Burlington, Vermont

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Track Name: Lavalley
It all seems unreal
An irony conceived by the devil himself
Save your blame

He was dying anyway
But now you should know that
He died, not in vain,
An aid to my quest for immortality

Is it deplorable to exploit the sick and dying?
I've relieved many of their suffering,
But this one...

No doubt he was dead
No pulse, no breath
Rigor mortis sets in

I once instilled fear in him,
Now he terrifies me
Leather straps tear into his
Wrists and his ankles
Straight to the bone

I've seen it with my own eyes,
But still it seems unreal
For the dead to become the living
I wanted preservation in life,
Not in death

Alive at first glance,
Yet reeking of death
No sign of life,
But a desire for my flesh
I've been dragged away,
And I've plead insane
But who will control this substance I've made?

I beg,
I pray for destruction
My life's work undone
Track Name: Christeater
Unapologetic for atrocities
In the name of god,

Drink his blood,
Lick his wounds,
Eat his flesh,
Drown in sin,

Track Name: Faust
Straight through your soul
No pain like you know
You now are the fire
Fulfill your desires
Marauder go forth,
Embracing your curse

Born to die
Live to kill

I can not believe
The visions that are haunting me
Razor claws and a lust for flesh,
My bloodlust now consumes my soul
Track Name: Existence
You don't want to lurk like them
Decaying feast on brains like them

Let's hope you feel better now
Existence is futile

What would Kevorkian do?
Track Name: Church Burner
Westboro martyrs
Christian terrorists
Neo-Nazis draped in clerics' attire
Hide behind a fictitious messiah

A plague of hatred
Justified by "faith"
You're evolution in reverse
Set fire to your fucking church
Track Name: Catalyst
Can't tell no one
Can't trust anyone
Dark have been my dreams of late

Spikes, nails, teeth,
Tearing at me
Flies, worms, maggots,
Feast upon me
Hellish red eyes
Glaring at me
Devils, demons, beasts,
Ripping me apart!

And so it begins,
This banquet of flesh
Under a frozen sky of
Rituals and sacrifice

The order of serpents,
A chaotic plan
To unleash an ancient evil
Which brings the end of man!

You are the catalyst
Track Name: Electrocutioner
I'll be the one
To pay for their atrocities
Five years in the asylum,
Death is now my destiny

I'll hold my prayers
As malevolent gods
Let the dead roam the streets

I'll sit and wait
For the agent of death
This capsule on my tongue
Ensures this won't be the end
You're on call;
An assassin for the state
Ender of life,
And bringer of pain!

Straps restrains my
Arms and legs
A metal cap engulfs my head
Clothed in electrodes and wires,
Shaved and blindfolded

2000 volts run through me
Drool, piss, shit, blood, electric death
Eyeballs resting on my cheeks
Foul stench of burning flesh

Everlasting life desired,
My research was bastardized
Government control
Over what was mine
Now I'm to blame for murder!

I paid for their atrocities
5 minutes after death,
My charred body reanimates
My hell becomes your reality